Thursday, August 26, 2010

'I' for Ice Cream!

A co-worker's daughter needed to take something that started with an 'I' to her class.  I thought the ice cream cone was a good idea.  My cookie cutter was on the small side, so I decided to layer, and I think they turned out cute. 

MSU - 40th Birthday

These were for a MSU fan who was turning 40.  :-)

1st Birthday

These cookies were made for a little boy's 1st birthday party.  I hope they worked well with the party theme! :-)

Down on the Farm

I made these for a sweet little boy's 2nd birthday party.  His grandmother is actually the one who shared her cookie recipe with me - so she deserves credit for every cookie I make! :-)

Princess Party

These were for a 5-year old princess party.  I might have done something different with them if I had to do them over, but I hope they were enjoyed!!